Conditioning Leaders to Win in a Disruptive World.

Conditioning Leaders to Win in a Disruptive World.

Growth. Transformation. Innovation…the phrases flow as if they are benign. However, for leaders in the throes of deep change, these “bet-the-company” moments define an organization’s trajectory, as well as an executive’s reputation.

There are 3 things you can do to thrive at mission-critical crossroads (where the stakes & stress peak):

1. SLOW the game DOWN. As everything spins faster, the tendency is to keep pace, all the time. Such freneticism prevents you from seeing the next wave of growth. Jump off the treadmill & quiet the noise.

2. SHIFT PERSPECTIVE. How you frame the future is the most important variable in your leadership agenda; yet, too often, our aperture is way too narrow. Instead of approaching the company “head on” (dashboards, KPIs, ops reviews), force yourself to look at the business through a much wider lens (customers, competitors, adjacencies).

3. SHOW UP differently. While routines are efficient, showing up the same way, every day, yields ruts; these behavioral grooves reinforce the status quo. Flexing your leadership style to be more innovative tells the team that business-as-usual is not enough.

Winning the future requires perpetual reinvention. As a leader, how are you changing your game?